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Work flow Management
Order Management: Our company puts forth an application that offers extensive multi dimensional order management system which is useful for companies who are involved in large scale selling, reselling and buying through a myriad of sales channels. We have developed a system that can manage any company's workflow, track inventor, track profits, track back orders, cancellation of orders, track faulty components etc. with efficiency and ease who have suppliers, agents, direct and indirect customers and shipping partners.

This application can also prove useful for the stake holders of the company who would be the vendors, agents, customers, direct customers and departments of the company. This application makes order management easy and convenient. Through this application clients can balance time and function with perfection. Our company ensures a smooth functioning of order management through our order management system.

The application renders:
  • Management of a company's workflow.
  • Track Inventor.
  • Track Profits.
  • Track Back Orders.
  • Track Cancellation of orders.
  • Track Faulty components.
  • Track shipping and handling.
Thus with an extensive order management application as this, success is not an impossible task.

Future Brainstone
"We envision carving a niche for ourselves in the radius of Software development outsourcing by exerting outstanding performance in our work thereby establishing highly valued relations between us and our clients. Our committed predilection to accomplish our client's objectives will help us in further improvising our innovative solutions, technologically driven workforce and pioneering practices which will in turn help our clients to optimize, expand and boost their business processes."

Recent PHP Project
Nephrology Board (Advancing knowledge,Saving Lives), an online Question Bank allows users to create self assessment tests. Site provides huge data on the related subject to make sure students gain knowledge and get prepared for the National exams.
Project 1 Hughsons was responsible to design and develope the website. It includes Question bank, Self assessment test, User management with payment gateway. Technologies used PHP, Ajax, CSS, Javascript and Mysql as Backend.
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