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About Us
Dedicated Team
About us We at Hughsons have procured a highly charged talent pool at hand which we deem as our greatest asset. We dispense our clients with a hard core team of adept executives who will not only put forth their creative ideals for the betterment of projects but also serve round the clock for the desired results within the given span of time.

Our team works concomitantly and with dedication which only enhances the quality of the work. They spare no efforts in satisfying our client's business drives. These young and dynamic professionals come from different walks of life having diverse backgrounds which facilitate the clients to work on the project in different angles and perspectives. Our team promises to put their creative thoughts into action which will fructify the results of the projects.

"If you don't enjoy work, you don't enjoy life" is the ethic we follow rigidly at Hughsons. With enthusiastic and ace professionals, work only becomes enjoyable. Our team consists of lively and friendly professionals who are committed to bring out a positive change in the industry. There is only healthy competition among our core workers who believe success of a project is delivered only when the entire team works as a single unit.

Possessing Good communication skills and interpersonal skills, not only our team goes a mile further in dealing perfectly with our client's priorities, standards and requirements but also entertain long-lasting relationships. Our team brandishes oodles of patience and ingenious thought process which is favorable to our clients.

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Future Brainstone
"We envision carving a niche for ourselves in the radius of Software development outsourcing by exerting outstanding performance in our work thereby establishing highly valued relations between us and our clients. Our committed predilection to accomplish our client's objectives will help us in further improvising our innovative solutions, technologically driven workforce and pioneering practices which will in turn help our clients to optimize, expand and boost their business processes."

Recent PHP Project
Nephrology Board (Advancing knowledge,Saving Lives), an online Question Bank allows users to create self assessment tests. Site provides huge data on the related subject to make sure students gain knowledge and get prepared for the National exams.
Project 1 Hughsons was responsible to design and develope the website. It includes Question bank, Self assessment test, User management with payment gateway. Technologies used PHP, Ajax, CSS, Javascript and Mysql as Backend.
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