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About Us
Marketing Services
About us At Hughsons, we believe marketing as the prime areas and an inevitable concern in any business process. Understanding this area of development we as a software company have come up with a variety of marketing services to enable business to grow and stay competitive in the global market. We bring out the best of trading services to ward off all complications existing within an average company and as pave way for safer and faster growth. Through our marketing services we cater to the needs and requirements of the companies in question.

Good marketing not only allows a company to flourish but also increases the network between the demand and supply chain. Marketing services provided by Hughsons work out best as they are a result of a rich experience in this field which dates back to several years of working. As a software development company we have known the test of time and what kind of services and strategies can hold better results. Thus our marketing services are paramount and timeless. We deploy extraordinary tactics and management to cope up with ever changing global market.

Marketing being the critical area for any venture we provide clients with ace marketing strategies which can bring up any company and enhance its operations. A success rate of any company depends on its sales graph. We at Hughsons provide clients with best of sales channels to improvise on their growth levels. We offer a team of professionals who are alert and proactively come up with latest ideas to enhance business processes.

We understand that Customer service is an integral part of a company’s customer value proposition and hence are here to give our best in terms of customer support functionalities. We provide our clients with different modes of support system. They can choose from Direct Online Service, Call centre and Customer service portal which is through internet. A good marketing service also includes the technological aspects. Hughsons offer database content management development to make business processes easier and convenient as the applications holds numerous records with clarity and as such a fruitful decision can be taken.

1) Internet & E-Mail Marketing
2) SEO & SEM
3) Link Building
4) Advertisement Campaign
5) Pay Per Click

Future Brainstone
"We envision carving a niche for ourselves in the radius of Software development outsourcing by exerting outstanding performance in our work thereby establishing highly valued relations between us and our clients. Our committed predilection to accomplish our client's objectives will help us in further improvising our innovative solutions, technologically driven workforce and pioneering practices which will in turn help our clients to optimize, expand and boost their business processes."

Recent PHP Project
Nephrology Board (Advancing knowledge,Saving Lives), an online Question Bank allows users to create self assessment tests. Site provides huge data on the related subject to make sure students gain knowledge and get prepared for the National exams.
Project 1 Hughsons was responsible to design and develope the website. It includes Question bank, Self assessment test, User management with payment gateway. Technologies used PHP, Ajax, CSS, Javascript and Mysql as Backend.
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